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Before you begin this form, please thoroughly review our General Rules and FAQ.
Please complete a form for each singular piece of journalism or series of pieces you wish to submit as a single entry. Each entry may compete in multiple categories but will be eligible to win only once.  If you wish to submit additional entries, you will find instructions at the end of this form. You must submit this form before you can begin a new submission form.
For each entry, you will be asked to upload PDFs or documents for your nomination letter, supplemental materials and scripts.  The work itself must be submitted via URL(s) or PDFs. Please ensure that URLs will be functional through September 1, 2023. If a URL is behind a paywall, you must provide a username and paywall passcode.
A draft of your entry will automatically save every few minutes as you complete this form. You will be able to return as many times as necessary to complete your application prior to the deadline of 11:59 p.m. EST Sunday, Feb. 5, 2023. Please note that once you select “Submit Form,” your entry is considered final and you will be unable to make additional changes.
Entrants agree that if selected as a finalist they will be interviewed on camera for the Scripps Howard Awards special. Entrants also agree to work with the Awards production crew to provide information and sources that help tell the story of the entry and its impact.
A fee of $75 per entry is assessed for each category in which it is submitted*.  For example, a single entry submitted in two categories will be assessed an entry fee of $150. Payment may be made via PayPal or credit card.
*Please note: The Scripps Howard Award for Distinguished Service to the First Amendment, honoring Edward Willis Scripps, does not require an entry fee.
One of the goals of the Scripps Howard Awards is to celebrate and share the best journalism broadly. When submitting an entry, you automatically grant or warrant that the owner of any text, video, photographs or other images included in the submission has expressly granted to the Scripps Howard Fund a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, fully sublicensable, and transferable right and license to use, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works based upon (including, without limitation, translations), publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, and publish the submission (in whole or in part) as we, in our sole discretion, deem appropriate including, without limitation: (1) in connection with our business; and (2) in connection with the businesses of our successors, parents, subsidiaries, and their related companies. We may exercise this grant in any format, media or technology now known or later developed for the full term of any copyright that may exist in the entry.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.